Live preaching is planned to be broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am CST, which is 3:30 pm coordinated universal time. When live preaching is available, you should see an additional menu item in the Evening Light banner at the top of the preaching site as shown below:

If you do not see that symbol in the menu above and it is time for live preaching to be on, please refresh your browser or click the banner at the top of the preaching site to see if the "live" menu item shows up. May God bless you.

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id Title 5871 Category Preacher Location Date Min. Poor Audio
5075 An ''I Think'' Generation TruthTony SanchezMonark 2018-07-2049 download
5689 Gathered into One TruthClinton DoolittleSpringfield OH 2019-02-1055 download
5363 Hold to the Whole Truth TruthRodney SmithJefferson OR 2018-10-2137 download
5074 I Am the Truth TruthMarty ClevengerMonark 2018-07-2051 download
5494 Importance of Truth TruthLarry AbbottSpringfield OH 2018-12-0954 download
6313 Love of Truth TruthPhillip GellenbeckGuthrie 2018-08-1246 download
4774 Responsibility TruthMichael WilliamsonLoranger 2018-01-1435 download
5070 The Blessedness of Truth TruthLarry AbbottSpringfield OH 2018-07-0852 download
6145 The Mystery of Godliness TruthClinton DoolittleSpringfield OH 2019-09-2949 download
4293 The Truth TruthMaxine BusbeeOklahoma City OK 2017-04-0249 download
5704 The Truth TruthSheri RichFresno 2019-02-1053 download
5894 The Truth TruthMarty ClevengerGuthrie 2019-05-2962 download
5381 The Word of God TruthMaxine BusbeeOklahoma City OK 2018-10-2149 download
6559 Truth TruthJoseph GellenbeckGuthrie 2019-12-2139 download
6051 Truth TruthAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2019-06-2356 download
5542 Truth Revealed TruthEugene ColeNeosho 2019-01-0636 download
6154 What is Truth TruthSheri RichFresno 2019-09-0848 download
5314 Whom Do Men Say That I Am TruthBeverly ReedPacoima 1992-07-2645 download