Live preaching is planned to be broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am CST, which is 3:30 pm coordinated universal time. When live preaching is available, you should see an additional menu item in the Evening Light banner at the top of the preaching site as shown below:

If you do not see that symbol in the menu above and it is time for live preaching to be on, please refresh your browser or click the banner at the top of the preaching site to see if the "live" menu item shows up. May God bless you.

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id Title 5871 Category Preacher Location Date Min. Poor Audio
5618 A Friend of God FriendshipPhillip GellenbeckGuthrie 2016-01-1749 download
3577 A True Friend FriendshipClinton DoolittleSpringfield OH 2016-01-2458 download
6065 Being Friendly FriendshipDanny AdamsWebb City 2019-06-3041 download
5920 Friends FriendshipLaDonna AdamsNeosho 2019-05-1218 download
1564 My Friends FriendshipMichael SmithSpringfield MO 2011-10-0927 download
4075 The Value Of A Friend FriendshipLarry AbbottSpringfield OH 2016-10-2356 download
6123 True Friendship FriendshipMaxine BusbeeOklahoma City OK 2018-02-2537 download